ALL 4 HIM Ministries, Incorporated (A4HIM) is a Christian company committed to helping musicians, singers, churches, gospel industry artists, Christian-owned businesses, and communities attain higher levels of success in their specialty. We have a unique two-fold concentration …. the world of Gospel music in all of its forms and in all of its avenues where it is presented … AND … businesses owned and operated by Christians. We have a passion for helping to bring out the best in our clients by promoting a “spirit of excellence” mentality so that mediocrity no longer becomes an option for them and nothing less than walking in destiny and purpose satisfies them. How do we accomplish this? Using skills and tools based on solid biblical principles for the various services offered, A4HIM invests time into getting to know its clients and tailors solutions and ideas specifically for them. We believe in promoting, partnering and blazing the trail to create the opportunity when none exists. Simply put, if we can help you reach goals and become better at what you do then we become better. For us that’s the perfect WIN-WIN!

Consulting/Coaching Services. A4HIM provides assistance for ministry and business projects including: Structuring Music Departments, Planning Interviews, Creating Plans, Proposals, Budgets and Event Planning for churches and other groups to Review of information and products to assist Musicians, Singers, Artists and Businesses in finding tools to enhance skills and build more marketable profiles.

Preferred Resource Member Program (PRM). Members of our Preferred Resource Member Program receive the following benefits:

Workshops & Seminars. At A4HIM, We LOVE to LEARN and we never get tired of sharing and providing resources to help others learn. We present Workshops and Seminars and provide resources for various types of Workshops (Music Ministry, Sound Business Principles and Practices and Balanced Living to name a few).

Beginner Piano Lessons. A4HIM provides customized Individual or Group Piano Lessons for Children and Adults; Scales, I-IV-V Chords, and Basic Theory and Reading Skills Emphasized.

MUSIC IS FUN Training Program. Instructed by Trinitia A. Green, this training program is designed to teach the fundamentals of music in a manner that engages the student and helps them explore their creativity. Students learn elements of basic music theory as well as the history of various music genres. The program focuses on practical application through live discussion and demonstration as well as hands on participation via the use of music instruments, tools, technology and more.